*For Clients- Please be prepared to have your temp checked if it is above 99.9 you will be asked to reschedule. No exceptions!

* Please have a mask on when entering the shop. There will be hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available. You may wear gloves (optional).

* Masks shall remain on unless you’re getting beard service (during which time you will be asked to not talk @ all, we will discuss beard service prior to mask removal to get an idea of what you want. When shampooing both stylist/barber will need to wear mask.

* Come to your appointment by yourself do not bring guests with you to the shop.

* If our barber/stylist etc. is busy you will be asked to wait in your car, we will also have on good days outdoor seating available.

* Please understand that there will be an adjustment period as we work towards what’s expected of us with cleaning in between each client, until we get used to it most scheduled times will be increased to add time in for that, but we will still need time to adjust.

* Once you’ve been serviced we ask that you please exit the shop in a timely manner as we have restriction on the number of people in our facilities.

And please don’t hesitate if you see something that you see that doesn’t look appropriate and we will what’s necessary to make it right.

We truly appreciate you on our return to the shop! Our goal is to provide excellent service while also giving you a heathy safe and relaxing atmosphere here at The Real Cut Above Barbershop Inc. 

Thank You!

The Staff



For our Staff

· Have your Mask on at all times while servicing your clients’ gloves are optional as long as you are washing and or sanitizing your hands between clients.

· If you are sick Please Stay Home and reschedule clients.

· Make sure your client knows the new rules and that they have a mask as well. Call them or when they call let them know.

· Please allow extra time between services to wipe down chair with disinfectant as well as clean station and clean tools. I would suggest that you buy a vented shampoo cape to use and wipe clean before and after each client.

· PLEASE DO NOT OVER BOOK! We may not get in as many people as before due to the extra cleaning that is required.

· Make sure that if anyone you deem as ill or under the weather or sick please ask them to reschedule.

· Keep restrooms clean also keep the waiting chairs cleaned off as well as the door handles to the shop and restroom.


· Also any break room area should be kept as clean as the other area and all hard surfaces are too be kept clean!

· We all share in the responsibility in keeping the shops safe and clean so if you see something that needs to be done, please feel free to do it. It could mean the difference in staying open or closing

· If you have any questions about what is expected of you please reach out to me or better ye go to and take the Barbicide Test and the Barbicide CoVid-19 Test. It will better explain what you should be doing.

· Make sure that you are in compliance

· Anything else that you can think of that will help out in protecting yourself as well as the clients is acceptable use your better judgement!